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Equipment Security 

Safeguarding Your University Property

padlockSeveral U departments are ready to help you safeguard your University property, including Central Services, Public Safety and Risk & Insurance Services.

The Central Services department, located in Randall V Turpin University Services Bldg, has information about several lock-down devices depending on the type of property you are securing. The price for these devices ranges from $80 - $300. Please contact them at 801-581-8072 if you are interested in obtaining more information. These lock-down devices are also recommended for protecting your property in the event of an earthquake.

Central Services is also responsible for security methods such as sensor beams, motion detectors, alarms, card readers, door contacts and other programs to safeguard your computer/other property. Please call them about these security methods and regarding UCard access and security at 801-587-7789 to make an appointment to discuss your University department's individual needs.

The Information Security Office (ISO) is responsible for the Training, Education and Awareness program. These offices are primarily located at 585 Komas Drive in Research Park. The team is very knowledgeable and will provide assistance with security guidelines for your computer workstations, e-mail and department network. Please visit their website for information about computer safety, identity theft and IT security.

All departments at the University of Utah, University Hospital and all related entities should be concerned about property theft and damage. Be more aware of the portable computers and equipment within your department. If you transport University equipment off-campus and keep it off-premise, fill out an Off-Campus Use form and file it with your department as well as Property Accounting. This information can be very beneficial in the event of a loss.

Each University Department is responsible to keep track of their Department's inventory–especially inventory valued below $5,000. Original purchasing documentation should be kept on file to assist in recovery if a loss should turn into an insurance claim. Claims are subject to a $2,500 per occurence deductible.

Back up your hard drives and any related disks. Keep copies of this information off-campus or in another area that could not suffer from the same loss as your department (i.e; fire, water, vandalism). If any of this information contains sensitive data, please contact your Network Support and/or the Information Security Office for additional instructions. Make sure you are prepared and protected!

On-campus thefts should be reported to University Police at 801-585-2677. If you do experience a theft or damage and want to process an insurance claim, please contact University Risk & Insurance Services at 801-581-5590

Last Updated: 4/7/21