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Insurance Statement 

General Liability, Professional Liability, Errors and Omissions and Excess Auto Liability insurance is provided to the University of Utah and its employees or authorized volunteers through the Utah State Division of Risk Management. This coverage applies during the performance of the employee's duties, within the scope of his/her University of Utah employment or under color of authority as such. Exceptions include employee's activities outside the scope of his/her duties or the employee's conduct which is fraudulent, willful misconduct, related to intoxication or other substance abuse, or false testimony under oath.

The University's property insurance through the Utah State Division of Risk Management provides special form, replacement cost coverage on property, including buildings and equipment, owned by the University or property for which the University has assumed liability prior to a loss. This insurance applies if the University department maintains retrievable electronic capital/insurable equipment lists. Business interruption, loss of tuition and extra expense insurance applies to losses of direct physical damage to University property caused by perils not otherwise excluded and applies on a net basis for reasonable and necessary expenses.

University of Utah employees are insured for work related injuries or illnesses through the Worker's Compensation Fund Mutual Insurance Company. Authorized volunteers are covered for medical benefits.

The above insurance programs contain provisions such as coverage restrictions, exclusions and limitations.

Last Updated: 10/31/22