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Special Event Review

What to be aware of for events on or off campus

  • Person in Charge of the event.
  • Ensure there will be water available for participants.
  • If this event involves potentially hazardous activities have the participants sign a liability waiver.
  • If there is a guest speaker refer to the Guest Lecturer Agreement.
  • If a group outside of the University of Utah wants to hold an event on campus, please contact Scheduling.
  • If a UU department is hiring a group outside the University of Utah request they provide you with a certificate of insurance.
  • If the University of Utah needs to provide a certificate of insurance to anyone, please complete a Certificate of Insurance Request.
  • Have all contracts/agreements reviewed by U General Counsel.
  • If there is a need for security at your event please contact U Department of Public Safety.
  • Be aware of applicable noise ordinances in the area of your event.
  • If you are charging any admission fees for this event determine if tickets will they be pre-sold or sold at the gate.
  • If the event involves minors refer to the Youth Protection and Program Support webpage.
Last Updated: 11/6/18