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Notary Public Information 


The Utah State Division of Risk Management (SRM) no longer issues notary public bonds.  Current bonds issued by SRM will remain in effect until the commission expires.

To apply for or renew your commission you may go to  and follow the instructions under "Become a Notary" or click on the "Reapply" button under "Manage my Account" .  If you have questions contact the Notary Office listed below:

Utah State Capitol
PO Box 142325
350 N State Street, Suite 220
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2325
Phone: (801) 538-1041
Fax: (801) 538-1133
Hours of operation:  M-F, 8-5pm, excluding State and Federal holidays.
  • Follow the procedures outlined on the State's website.
  • The initial application and exam fee are $95.  The renewal fee is $40.  First time notaries public will need to submit to a mandatory background check.  When you receive notification you have passed the notary exam, you must acquire a surety bond.   You may purchase a bond through any reliable source including a local insurance agency. For example you may contact Shannon Jackson at Moreton & Company (801) 715-7128 or at, to obtain a $5,000 bond application.  This bond through Moreton & Company must be paid by check and will cost your department a $50 Notary Bond Fee plus a $50 Producer Fee for a total of $100.  
  • Verify you are a state employee by requesting the bond via email.  Once you receive the surety bond you will be required to upload your documents  (Bond and Oath of Office) directly to the Lt Governor's Office via the online portal.
  • Once the Notary Office has returned, via email, a "Certificate of Authority of Notary Public" print and use this to show proof of commission to order your Official Notary Seal. The seal is required to be in purple ink.
  • Note that this procedure is mandated by the Utah Notary Public Office for all new and re-commissioning Notary Publics. 
  • Renew your notary commission every four years.

For additional questions, please call U of U Risk & Insurance Services at 801-581-5590.

Change of Name or Address

If you are changing your address or name on your existing NOTARY commission and wish to obtain a "Request for an Amended Commission" form, please contact the office. There is a $5 fee associated with this request.


Notary Public Training

Last Updated: 8/11/22